On this page, you can read my terms of use.
For the readability of this statement, I have used the I-format.
"I", "me" or "mine" stands for my business "Daisy Deb" or "Human Design Flow". "You" or "your" stands for your business, or you as a client. "We", "us" or "ours" stands for when I talk about you and me. Where "collaboration" or "agreement" is stated, this is about services that I offer and that you rely on. Where "website" is stated, I refer to this website with the domain name, daisydeboevere.com.

I have a dynamic company, which means that these terms and conditions can be changed or supplemented at any time. The new conditions are valid as from the date of change (see bottom of this page).

Daisy Deb is an initiative of Espavo Coaching & Consultancy VOF.
Company name: Espavo Coaching & Consultancy VOF (Espavo VOF)
Company address: Torhoutse Baan 95, 8470 Gistel, Belgium
Registration number: 0834.837.131
VAT: BE 0837.834.131
RPR Ghent, Bruges department

That may differ slightly depending on what you choose from my services and products. You can read exactly what I offer and what I can do for you on my website.

I offer my services and products to both individuals, independent entrepreneurs, and companies worldwide.

No. I cannot guarantee that my services and products will generate success in your life or business. You are responsible for the results that you achieve when you use my services. I will, however, make reasonable efforts to give you the best support. The form of this support is discussed on the website.

The prices of my services and products are stated on my website. My rates are fixed, but in the long term, they will be increased. Then you will see the new prices listed on the website. Sometimes I give a discount, or I make an offer. They are always temporary. So you cannot derive any rights from previously communicated prices, expired discounts, or offers.

Payment is always made in advance via the online payment module on my website. You can pay online via credit card or Paypal. ATTENTION: Paypal is currently only available for one-time payments, not for membership subscriptions and payment plans.
An agreement is not valid without advance payment.

With lifetime access, you get access to my service or product, as long as my service or product remains. If the service or product ceases to exist, you will be notified of this in time, so that you can still download the content to your computer.

You can only register for my services or products online. The agreement between you and me is therefore concluded online, after acceptance of these terms and conditions, and after payment. You can register via the website.

Reading appointments are scheduled via Acuity. Appointments can be canceled or moved free of charge up to 4 hours before the start of the appointment. In the event of a later cancellation or absence, the appointment expires irrevocably, without the right to a refund, unless in the event of force majeure. You can cancel or reschedule via Acuity, or by sending me an e-mail.

All sales are final for classes and 1:1 sessions. Nevertheless, I would like to talk to you to see how we can both step out of our cooperation with a good feeling. The online program has a 30-day refund policy.
I always retain the right to cancel the collaboration without giving a reason. I will inform you of this by e-mail. You will, of course, receive the amount paid up to then back from me.

You and I can invoke force majeure if the incident occurred after the agreement was concluded, the incident was unforeseeable at the time of our agreement, and it is not due to an error on your part. Moreover, it must, above all result in the impossible execution of the agreement, be it temporary or definitive. Furthermore, the incident must be absolute and not merely a complication of the obligations of the agreement, or the performance of the agreement becoming more expensive.

During the period that the force majeure continues, I will suspend the obligations from the agreement. If this period lasts longer than 60 days, both you and I are entitled to terminate the agreement, without liability to compensate you or me for damage.

If upon the occurrence of force majeure, I have already partially complied with the agreement or will be able to comply with it, and if the part that has been fulfilled or will be assigned independent value, I am entitled to charge the part that has already been filled, or to is fulfilled.

In the event of force majeure, I will use reasonable endeavors to provide you with an alternative solution if you wish.

Before you hold me liable, I first expect an e-mail from you to report a notice of default to me. In this e-mail, you give me clear reasons why you want to hold me liable. You also give me a reasonable time to respond or to correct any errors.
If I prove to be liable for damage caused by not fulfilling my obligations under our agreement or in another way, then that liability is always limited to the compensation for direct damage, up to the amount of the price stipulated for the agreement. And this including VAT.

In the case that I am insured, the liability will be limited to the amount of the payment of my insurance in this particular case.
Indirect damage is expressly excluded. The limitation of my liability does not apply if my liability arises from intent or deliberate recklessness on my part.

Then we first look for a solution together. If that does not work, the court of Ghent, department Bruges, takes over. Only Belgian law applies to our agreement and these general terms and conditions.

This version was last edited on Monday, August 16, 2021.
I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions.
So check this page regularly to view changes.