True Sidereal Human Design readings

Traditionally, Human Design charts are calculated using Tropical astrology.
Tropical astrology doesn't reflect the actual astronomical positions of the starts in the sky. Thanks to modern technology, you can finally learn where the planets actually were on the day you were born.

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As a full-time Human Design practitioner, I offer True Sidereal Human Design readings, so that you can start to understand how your unique chart can support you. You can find my offerings below:

True Sidereal Human Design reading

€75 (flat rate) — up to 60 minutes | via Zoom

Wanna dive into your chart?
I offer intuitive 1:1 readings via Zoom. We can talk about anything that is important to you and look in your chart for clues together. This can be a great way to go deeper into some of the challenges you may encounter in your life, career, business, health, etc. But we can also look at your overall chart and see what important messages are in there for you at this time.

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Follow-up reading

€75 (flat rate) — up to 60 minutes | via Zoom

If you're a returning client, you can skip the inquiry for new clients and immediately book your next appointment. This way, we can dive a little deeper into your True Sidereal Human Design chart together, continue what we started working on, or just for when you feel like you need some support, encouragement, or someone to talk to.

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"Absolutely in love with how your reading makes sense in my life. Thanks Daisy."

Adél Pomozi

"I found Daisy when I first heard about Human Design. While I read about the basic stuff (I like to dive into stuff so I read articles, websites, and watched YouTube videos), there was still a lot to discover. How my profile would work for me. The gates in relation to each other, the channels, and well, just how I was able to make sense of it all. She took the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all completely off the table. Daisy took the time over a very nice coffee chat to explain things to me and answer my questions. It was not just a 'this is what it means' but also about how it would relate to me. To me as a person. I would suggest getting a reading from Daisy when you like to know more about your design. She is easy to talk to and makes it about you as a being, and not just about this system that she can explain."

Elvira Visser —
The Netherlands

"Before the reading, I wasn't really sure how to 'connect the dots' about my chart. I couldn't really put together a picture of what it all meant or how it was relevant to my every day life. The amount of information I was studying on my own was overwhelming. I was really interested in learning how Human Design could help me understand myself better and how I can live a more fulfilling life — but I was struggling to do it on my own.
After working with you, I feel much more connected with my Human Design and my life purpose. It felt really reassuring to me that I'm actually on an aligned path according to my Human Design, and I have a much deeper understanding now. You have shared so many shortcuts with me on how to learn Human Design more quickly and how to do it so that it's more relevant.
You did an incredible job explaining it all and 'connecting the dots'. I'm just really thankful and impressed with your level of detail and compassion. I loved how detailed they were and that you were willing to have a conversation and go on little tangents. It really allowed me to get to know you better and helped me learn on a deeper level. I also love the recordings you sent. Very helpful to review and study later.
I would (and will) 100% recommend you. I can tell that you study Human Design with a passion. I appreciate your eye for detail and your friendly and open approach. I felt very comfortable talking with you and learned a lot from this session — not only about myself, but also about Human Design in general. You went above and beyond to ensure all my questions were answered and would even explore little side tangents with me that were very interesting!
You did a fantastic job with my reading, and I'm really thankful for this experience and new knowledge. You rock, Daisy :-)
Looking forward to working with you again!"

Alina Nikishina — @heyalinan

"I was confused and looking for a direction in my life. I got to the point where I was searching my soul purpose since nothing made sense in my life. After a reading with you, you gave me the confirmation that everything I need, I already have. Every resource I need already exists in me, and all I need to do is just to trust it. Deconditioning is a process, I'm trusting myself more and more every day and witnessing the magic in small things :-)
I loved how you made it simple — not complicating, no big phrases — it was like a conversation between two friends. Simple but full of information; simple but so powerful. I also loved how every now and then you would summarize information and make a recap. This is really helpful because too much information is really hard to absorb in a short time.
You always find the answer to all my doubts and questions, and encourage me to experiment myself. You don't act like you have all the answers, and I appreciate how you investigate yourself, too. I would definitely recommend your work because you are very knowledgeable but make it so simple and have a warm personality. You are also very supportive and always find the right approach for people to understand the information you are bringing. For me, that's true mastery."

Ivana Kraljić Šoban — @ivanakraljic

"Thank you. I received a reading and it was spot on. Accurate, insightful and inspiring too. I highly recommend Daisy Deb for the Human Design reading."

Maria Davis — @mariaheals