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"Human Design is quite complex, and you'll need some help in your journey. Daisy has made her many lessons in small pieces so you can learn at your pace. Her courses and classes help everyone to share their experience at a personal level or in our business/work. We can then explore how things could have been done differently and how we could do in the future. Very useful and enriching."

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"I joined the course and classes to learn Zeno's way of Human Design through a new person — you — and light that you bring to it. So far, my experience has been good.

I love that we can connect in a group to share our experiences and ask questions. I also love that you created transcripts for each video, which is my preferred way of learning. I would absolutely recommend this course!

Thank you for creating this learning environment and for always being vulnerable and honest as you continue to grow and learn through your own experiences."

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"Daisy is so knowledgeable about Human Design; she helps it make sense and gives you practical advice and tools to use. As a member, I really enjoy the courses I can do on my own, but even better are her community gatherings and other live get-togethers that always lead to interesting, deep conversations."

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"What I appreciate about Daisy is how supportive and laid-back she is. And she’s very open and honest; it’s refreshing! So it’s no wonder she’s built an amazing community."


"The courses gave me a whole new meaning to Human Design. It's much more integrative, it combines several approaches, it's a lot more empowering and it supports me to find the answers within.
The student has the opportunity to really take time to process all the new information, the longevity of audio and video is great so you don't tire yourself, and Daisy has a natural ability for knowing how much information is too much information.
I would absolutely recommend the courses and classes because of their main idea — Daisy made a whole new integrative concept of Human Design, a concept that is so much more empowering for anyone that is interested in discovering and living his/her own authentic self.  
Before everything, Daisy is an amazing human being. Secondly, she is also a coach so her approach to students has a real background. She is supportive in a way an honest friend would support you, holding your hand without telling you what to do so you can find the path yourself.  
I am truly amazed at the easiness Daisy integrated and delivered this new approach to the world. She made this complex matter sound much more understandable and lightly to process without losing the depth or value. She brought a more human and empowering approach to the world combined with her own coaching abilities. This for me is a real value — her comprehensive knowledge and the support to find and to be your true self."


"The courses changed my attitude towards the role of the Human Design chart, from something that 'knows' me better, to a tool of awareness. I love the order, going from the big picture into details, giving a sense of whole coming towards integration instead of staying or exaggerating the analytical process, which takes details apart.
I recommend this learning environment because of the digestible step-by-step process, with assignments that can elevate the actual practice. Otherwise, just reading about it somewhere is mental. Secondly, because of the approach, which is very open to contemplation, none attached the tool itself.
I appreciate Daisy's dedication for making the group a safe and enriching place for being a free-spirit learner, thoroughness in materials, and for bringing related subjects as well."


"Thank you so much for your generosity with your time and coaching to help with my questions. I really appreciate your thoughtful replies. You've given me so many great avenues to explore and prompts to dive into - thank you! I'm glad to be part of your community."

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