Ophiuchus: The Thirteenth Sign — by Kayla Cole

Saturday, 31 July 2021
07:00 PM CEST

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Class Description

If you look up to the night sky and locate the constellations of Sagittarius (it looks like a teapot) and Scorpio (somewhat looks like a cobra) then you might be able to see that between the two, the leg of a giant constellation steps resolutely through the ecliptic band.  

This is Ophiuchus, the mysterious thirteenth constellation that crosses the ecliptic.  
Though in the past the ancients have observed zodiacs of more than 12 signs, Ophiuchus is the one constellation along the ecliptic that has never been acknowledged as a zodiac sign in known history.  

Why is that so?  
And why now should we begin to care and acknowledge him in astrology or human design?  

These are excellent questions to ask and in this class we’ll begin answering these questions.  
I have a suspicion that Ophiuchus has some great wisdom to tap into. It could even be a sign for a whole new way of relating to the stars and deriving meaning, magic, and medicine from them.  

In this class, we’ll cover the history and mythology of Ophiuchus, the significance of thirteen vs twelve signs in the zodiac, what Ophiuchus brings into the natal chart, and more.

This class will be taught by Kayla Cole, True Sidereal and transformational astrologer.

P.S. Get your free True Sidereal natal chart here, to see if some of your planets show up in Ophiuchus.