Diving into Definition Types & Design Modes — with Daisy Deb

Thursday, 28 October 2021
04:00 PM CEST

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Class Description

Human Design wasn't always about "following your strategy and honoring your authority."
For 10 years since Ra Uru Hu (the founder) had his encounter with "The Voice," type and strategy (and authority) weren't even part of the Human Design System. Ra only added these aspects in 1997 to make it "easier" for people to take a first step with their charts.

In the first 10 years of teaching Human Design, Ra talked about Definition Types and Design Modes. And of course, also Centers, Gates, Channels, Planetary Archetypes, Transits, Cycles, and Relationships were part of the system.
But Definition Type and Design Mode were really the foundation of the system.

I personally believe, through experience and experimentation, that type and strategy aren't working the way Ra intended (and I'm definitely not the only one who has this experience). Instead, I felt drawn to go back to the original Revelation that came through The Voice. Thanks to the groundbreaking work of Zeno Dickson, one of Ra's first students and certified analysts, we still get to know about Definition Type and especially Design Mode, as the latter was completely removed from Ra's later teachings.

In this class, we’ll dive into this foundation of early Human Design before Ra added type, strategy, and authority.
This is what we'll cover:

⇢ What are Definition Types and Design Modes?
⇢ How can you find and recognize these elements in your Human Design chart?
⇢ What does your Definition Type & Design Mode mean for your life and relationships?

This is a practical and interactive online workshop in Zoom in which we're going to dive into the actual charts of our participants.
So be sure to have your chart ready for screen share.

This class is suitable for both Human Design beginners as well as people who are more advanced.

This class will be taught by Daisy Deb, Human Design Flow guide.

P.S. Get your free Human Design chart here.