Consciousness Mapping & Human Design with Nick Zei & Jessie Klein

Saturday, 15 May 2021
07:00 PM CEST

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Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Consciousness Mapping uses and expands upon the Levels of Consciousness, developed and calibrated by Dr. David R Hawkins.
Each Level of Consciousness expresses a unique energetic frequency and perception of the world. Through studying Consciousness we become aware of the unique perceptions of reality through which we are all engaged, how these perceptions drive our energetic frequency, and how they impact everything we do and feel.

In this workshop, Jessie & Nick will give you an overview of each Level of Consciousness, how each level influences our ability to align with our truth, and how the Levels of Consciousness correlate with Human Design. Using Consciousness Mapping alongside our Human Design experiment allows for improved clarity, cohesive communication, increased energy, and so much more.

Starting time:
 7 PM, CEST (Central European)
6 PM, BST (British)
1 PM, EDT (Eastern)
11 AM, MDT (Mountain)
10 AM, PDT (Pacific)
2 AM, JST (Japan)
3 AM, AEST (Eastern Australia)
5 AM, NZST (New Zealand)
8 AM, HDT (Hawaii)