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The Synthesis

Learning the symbolic language of Human Design...

Once upon a time, there was a man who was named Ra Uru Hu.
He lived on the island of Ibiza, Spain, and was visited by an unknown entity he called "The Voice."
Through The Voice, during eight days straight, he was given the Human Design System...

... okay, hold on one moment.
We don't know if the story of The Voice actually happened.
The man I'm talking about was Robert Alan Krakower, who went missing from his home in Canada, leaving behind his wife, child, and a lot of financial debt, to end up on the island of Ibiza where he wore strange clothes and engaged in psychedelic ceremonies with friends, one of which was Timothy Leary.
That's a juicy story, right?

Somehow — and it doesn't really matter — Ra's masterful brain came up with a synthesis of four ancient modalities:
✧ Western (Tropical) astrology
✧ the Chinese I Ching
✧ the Judaic Kabbalah's Tree of Life
✧ the Hindu chakra system

Synthesized, it became something like this — known as the Human Design chart:

What you see on the chart are planets and celestial bodies activating I Ching hexagrams with their lines (on the left), creating black and pink gates on the body graph (on the right), except for Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. The body graph shows nine centers with channels derived from a combination of the Tree of Life and chakras.

These activations imprinted us at birth and 88 degrees going back from birth on the arc of the Sun, by neutrinos that penetrated planets and celestial bodies while traveling almost at the speed of light through our solar system. Less than moments later, they penetrated you, bringing the archetypal information from those planets and bodies into your body and mind, activating certain I Ching hexagrams. Those hexagrams are depicted as numbers in the nine centers of the body graph. This imprint, your unique Human Design, stays with you for the rest of your life.

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Unique imprint

Learning to read and understand your unique imprint...

Every human being has a black (Personality-Mind) imprint (from birth) and a pink (Design-Body) imprint (approx. 88 days before birth).

This imprint is what makes you unique as a human being. It speaks to 0,1% of your humanness, the part that we are (or can be) most conscious of. The remaining 99,9% of our humanness is receptive and mostly unknown to our conscious self.  

You can compare this with the 1% of coding DNA and the remaining part of non-coding DNA that is sometimes called "junk DNA," but of course, there's no "junk" in nature. It all has a purpose, but that hasn't been used yet.  

So, one could say that the Human Design chart is a unique roadmap that helps us to live our true purpose, first by embracing and understanding who we are, and through that, discovering our gifts, up to the point of fully embodying the full potential of what it is to be human in this incarnation.

Gene Keys

Unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA...

That brings me to the next chapter: the striking relationship between the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 codons of our human DNA.

A man called Richard Rudd, with a soothing voice, who studied the Human Design System extensively, experienced a "transmission" of his own. That's when he started writing and recording his 64 Gene Keys, a synthesis of the I Ching, bio-genetics, quantum physics, and elements of the Human Design synthesis.

And thus, the Hologentic Profile and The Golden Path appeared, and it looks something like this:

The Spectrum of Consciousness

Embrace your Shadow, unlock the Gift within, and transcend into the Siddhi...

One thing that Richard Rudd firmly understood is that nothing is fixed in life. We're not fixed beings. Life is ever-changing, fluid, as is our true nature.  That brings us to the Spectrum of Consciousness, where everything vibrates on a certain level on that spectrum at a particular moment in time.

As human beings and in nature, pure consciousness, we also find ourselves on that spectrum, as we individually and collectively move from lower (Shadow) frequencies into the highest expressions possible (Siddhi or Essence) and everything in between.  

Through the art of contemplation and the practice of awareness, patience, non-interference, and observing participants in our own lives, we can learn to understand our Shadows, find that Gift within, and move into higher expressions of our Essence.

And we can practice this with every aspect of our imprint, which ultimately leads to programming our DNA a certain way and activating our full potential. At least, that is the journey, although it takes multiple lifetimes for most of us.  

Combining my understanding of Human Design in a simple, self-teaching way with the beautiful wisdom of the Gene Keys, integrating the Spectrum of Consciousness, resulted in finding my unique approach and language to Human Design.

And this is what I'd love to share with you, as we're all on our unique journeys together.

Why there is only one Human Design chart

"Tropical," "Sidereal," and "True Sidereal" don't exist in Human Design.

There has been a lot of discussions and arguments in the Human Design community lately because of the rise of Sidereal and True Sidereal Human Design. This made people end up with multiple charts and it caused a lot of confusion, even to the point of people abandoning Human Design altogether.

I can make it very simple for you.
There isn't something like "Tropical," "Sidereal," or "True Sidereal" in Human Design.
It simply doesn't exist.
And I'm explaining this in one of my podcast episodes:

Simple, self-teaching, and (self-)empowering Human Design

A unique approach to Human Design...

Wanna learn Human Design in a simple, practical, and non-dogmatic way?
Step into this unique journey of learning a simplified and essential Human Design, combined with the empowering and uplifting Gene Keys and the Spectrum of Consciousness:

Stay tuned!

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