A different approach to Human Design

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Welcome on this unique journey through my discoveries...
In this series, I share with you videos I made on various aspects of my approach to Human Design.
These videos were recorded shortly after I found Athen Chimenti's True Sidereal Astrology and Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design, in the beginning of 2021.

I hope you enjoy this little journey with me.
A journey I called Human Design Flow.

This video series' content:

  • Video 1 — What is Human Design? An introduction to Human Design and what I discovered
  • Video 2 — The Human Design Revelation: a different approach to Human Design
  • Video 3 — Gene Keys: a more empowering way of understanding the Human Design gates
  • Video 4 — Why True Sidereal Astrology? Human Design chart calculations based on the visible sky
  • Video 5 — Getting Started with Human Design Flow

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