Human Design Flow

Self-paced & Interactive Study Group

A different approach to Human Design...

What if Human Design could actually be simple, straightforward, and self-coaching?
What if you didn't have to go down that rabbit hole and loose yourself in that kind of mental complexity?
What if you could just immediately get practical with your chart in the most empowering way?

After two whole years of fulltime studying Jovian Human Design, I only got further away from connecting with my true nature.
Instead, I got stuck in my head, trying to remember this vast amount of keynotes and descriptions, completely fragmenting the chart into little pieces with more complex levels I couldn't possibly get practical with.

Not only that, but I also experienced the dogma of the system and how it is taught.
Even when teachers like Chetan Parkyn, Jenna Zoe, and Karen Curry Parker tried to make it more accessible, more (self-)empowering, I still felt like being put into categories and boxes, labeling every little piece of me.

It just didn't fit.
And the reality was that I seemed to be conditioned by my chart instead of deconditioning.
Human Design became another "outer authority" I needed to comply with, and if I didn't, it was just my "not-self" talking.
And since when is one allower to use a Human Design chart as an excuse for bad behavior?

Something needed to change.
And something did change.

If you don't know my story, I would definitely recommend you to take a look at The Revelation: part 1 and part 2.
It's my story, the discoveries I did back at the end of 2020, and how my approach to Human Design completely changed.

Why this study group?

Now that you read my story, you can probably imagine how excited I was to share it with the world.
So, I created a free video series to dive deeper in my different approach to Human Design: click here to get access.

I named my approach: Human Design Flow.
Because it is all about simplicity and flow, about synchronicity and effortlessness.
Like I said, Human Design doesn't have to be complex. You don't need years of study to understand how to read a body graph and work with it in a practical way. You could just start today.

And that's exactly why I created this study group, to give you an opportunity to learn my approach step by step and immediately start working with your body graph, your chart, because it's not up to me to tell you who you are according to your chart. It's up to you to connect with your essence because you are the expert on you. And I honor that journey very, very much.

Welcome to the Human Design Flow study group 😊

What is this study group?

It's simple. The study group is a membership with a fixed price (no endless subscription payments).
And as a member, you get lifetime access to a variety of learning opportunities.
Let's dive into the specifics πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Perks of this study group

It's not just about learning the theory.
It's all about the practice.

Below, you'll find a list of study group perks, a variety of learning opportunities for you to get practical with a simple, straightforward, and self-coaching approach to Human Design... and more!

Human Design Courses

Laying out a simple and straightforward approach to Human Design, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design and how I came to work with it. My unique approach in three self-paced courses.

Lesson-related Discussions

Every lesson has its own discussion board to ask questions, share your contemplations, and join the conversation. This is especially interesting if you want an alternative to the Facebook group. 

Interactive Assignments

With every module, I challenge you to contemplate and reflect on what you've learned. These are interactive assignments between teacher and student, where you can get 1:1 feedback from me.

Hexagram Contemplations

Growing database where you can find my personal contemplations on the 64 hexagrams of the I'Ching and their lines, and the 64 Gene Keys with their Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other students through our private Facebook group. This is the place where we can actively share our journeys with each other, and where you can ask questions 24/7.

Weekly Office Hours

Zoom conversations to discuss the study group content and practice reading charts in real-time. You can also watch the Facebook live stream (listening-only mode). Replays included.

A Distraction-free TS Chart

Get your free True Sidereal Human Design chart. I create for you a simple body graph visual with the planetary gate/line activations. No other distractions. Ideal to work with during your studies.

Guest Speaker Classes

On a regular basis, I also invite guest speakers to do a class that can also support you on your journey with Human Design or broaden your horizon, deepen your understanding. Replays included.

Bonus Courses

You also get access to bonus courses on various related subjects. These courses are created by myself and some of our regular guest speakers to provide you with ongoing/new content.

Maximize your study group experience:

To maximize your experience in this study group, I recommend you to also get a copy of:
✧ Zeno & Chaitanyo's "Human Design Revealed"
✧ Richard Rudd's "Gene Keys" and/or "The 64 Ways"
✧ Carol Anthony & Hanna Moog's "I Ching: the Oracle of the Cosmic Way"

Study Program

Drip-fed content over a course of 22 weeks

Even though there's not a lot of theory to discuss (it's simple and practical, remember?), I don't want to overwhelm you, and I don't want you to skip steps (especially if you are not new to Human Design).
That's why I use drip feed so that you get access to one portion at a time.
Over time, you'll have access to all the content to revisit whenever you like β€” lifetime access, remember?

Week 1 β€” Introductory course

In the first week, you get access to the first step of the journey: Human Design β€” The Basics. In this mini course, we're going through all the important aspects you need to know before you start diving into the chart. This includes a lot of cheat sheets and reference cards, an introduction into my unique approach, and some first assignments to reflect on your journey so far.
You will also get access to My Undated Human Design Journal, the Resources Library, and the Replay Library.

Week 2 β€” Definition Types & Design Modes

In the next couple of weeks, we're really starting with basic chart reading. You get access to the first modules of step two: Human Design - Chart Reading. In the first module, you'll get access to some introductory lessons. In the next couple of modules, you'll start working with Definition Types and Design Modes. After going through these modules, you'll be confident recognizing the definition type and design mode in a chart and learn about how this might show up in one's life.

Week 3-10 β€” The Nine Centers

We're now diving into the nine centers separately. We're starting with the Throat center because this is the most important center in the chart. In the following modules, we're adding one center every time and learn how to recognize and read them in connection to each other. You'll learn about different ways how a defined or an undefined center might show up in one's life. Every module has assignments to help you looking for clues in your own life and relationships.

Week 11 β€” The Gestalt

This is an important week. You're now going to learn to put everything together into an overall picture. With learning how to read the overall picture, bringing definition type, design mode, and the centers together in one gestalt, you will be ready to read charts for other people and be able to work with other people using Human Design as a coaching tool. Yes, you read that right: this is really piecing together the foundational information for every chart. Everything that is now coming is already advanced stuff.

Week 12-17 β€” Advanced Chart Reading

We're going to take a little bit more time now for every module. You get two weeks to start exploring how to work with the 64 hexagrams (aka Human Design gates), the 36 channels, and adding in the planetary archetypes. This is a lot of theory to go through but you're allowed to use books and resources to contemplate. No one expects you to memorize all this stuff. I'll also lay out the way I work whenever I'm preparing a reading for someone, so that you know how I do it without having to memorize vast amounts of keynotes and descriptions. This is also the time that we're diving into the Gene Keys and I Ching translations, as well as basic astrology when it comes to understanding the planets and how they influence us.

You'll also get access to my Hexagram Contemplations. This database has summaries of the Gene Keys and the I Ching hexagrams from three different translations, as well as my personal contemplation. This database is ever-growing and updated regularly. You can also add in your own contemplations for others to use as a valuable resource (and you can use other people's contemplations as well).

Week 18-22 β€” Understanding Conditioning

In these last weeks, we're going to dive into reading multiple charts at once. At this time, you'll feel confident reading a single chart in-depth, but there's also a lot of value to be found in reading multiple charts at once. I'm going to teach you how you can create your own transit charts and relationship composite charts. This way, you'll be able to understand how you're conditioned by the planetary transits and human interaction, and how you're conditioning others. This is really putting the cherry on top of the cake.

After going through all these modules, you'll have everything to know to confidently read Human Design charts and work with it in a simple, practical, and empowering way. You'll have all the knowledge and tools in your toolbox to continue your journey of self-discovery and self-coaching through Human Design. 
Of course, you're welcome to stay in the study group to continue to connect with us through the weekly office hours, guest classes, Facebook group, and re-visit the modules and assignments whenever you like and as long as you like. 

Sounds like a plan?

Active members: 15
(updated: June 11, 2021)

Choose what fits you best:

one-time payment

€ 397

  • Lifetime access to course library
    (drip-fed over 22 weeks)
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
    (as of week 12)
  • Distraction-free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Office Hours in Zoom*
  • Bonus courses & guest speaker classes
  • Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 21-days refund policy

payment plan

€ 67/month

6 monthly installments
  • Lifetime access to course library
    (drip-fed over 22 weeks)
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
    (as of week 12)
  • Distraction-free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Office Hours in Zoom*
  • Bonus courses & guest speaker classes
  • Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 21-days refund policy

payment plan

€ 37/month

11 monthly installments
  • Lifetime access to course library
    (drip-fed over 22 weeks)
  • Interactive assignments with 1:1 feedback
  • Lesson-related discussions
  • Hexagram Contemplations
    (as of week 12)
  • Distraction-free True Sidereal Human Design chart
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly Office Hours in Zoom*
  • Bonus courses & guest speaker classes
  • Replay Library
  • Resources Library
  • 21-days refund policy

(*) Thursday Zoom Office Hours are hosted at two alternating times:
β‡’ 10 AM, Central European Time (matches most African, Asian & Australian time zones)
β‡’ 7 PM, Central European Time (matches most American time zones)
+ the occasional get-together for Dutch-speaking members

Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Design Flow Study Group is an online membership site filled with perks to help you re-connect with your true nature and create more flow in your life. We're discussing Human Design in depth, inspired on Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings. We also experiment with True Sidereal Human Design (alternative calculations are welcome too).

This study group is not only about you learning about all these aspects at your own pace, but also about connecting with other students to learn from each other, because the magic is in the practice of what you learn, and the exchange with other students.

If you have any additional questions about this membership, be sure to drop me an e-mail.

This study group is for you if you're an individual who wants to experience more flow in your life. Through this study group, you'll learn about the early Human Design teachings and how you can use these teachings to re-connect with your true nature. I teach Human Design in a simple and practical way, based on the original Revelation, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings.

Although I might mention the variety of aspects that were later added to the system, our main focus is on the original Revelation so that you can actually read and understand your Human Design chart without years of study and memorizing names and keynotes. This approach is meant to be self-teaching, instead of creating co-dependency between teacher and student.

Adding True Sidereal calculations to the equation makes this study group unique and controversial. Other astrological calculations are welcome as well. Choose what you resonate with.

If you're not sure about this membership being for you, send me your questions and concerns through e-mail so that I can support you in making an informed decision.

Our content exists mostly of video presentations with voice-overs, subtitles, and transcriptions. We also have lessons with audio versions only and their transcriptions, or simply in writing. All modules also have interactive assignments and workbooks to get practical and receive personal feedback from me.

From the moment you join the study group, you'll be drip-fed all content over the course of 22 weeks. Over time, new content will be added (mostly through bonus courses) and older content will be updated. I'm constantly refining the content library as I'm growing and evolving as a person, too.
We notify our members of updates through our change log in the Facebook group.

We aim to create subtitles for all videos, and transcripts for all audios, so that this study group is inclusive toward people who struggle with hearing or sight. Note that the Zoom office hours are not subtitled. I try to make sure that the replays are subtitled within reasonable time, but it sometimes takes a bit more time because of the magnitude of this task. Thank you for your patience.

This study group is not just about gathering knowledge. The theory isn't as important as the practice. With this approach, the magic is actually in the practice. Every week (for some modules, every 2 weeks), you get access to a new aspect of my Human Design approach, giving you some time to let it sink in and start putting it into practice before moving on to the next aspect.

In my experience, you'll need more time than just a week per aspect if you want to really doing it right. So, it's kind of inevitable that the drip-feed will go faster than you can follow. I encourage you to take your time with every aspect, even more than the drip-feed gives you. You'll have everything you need to know within a course of 22 weeks. 

You can work through the content at your own pace. So you decide how much time you spend on working through the courses. You have lifetime access, so you can always revisit the courses' lessons.

If you want to deepen your journey with me, you can do the interactive assignments to get personal feedback from me and share your questions, struggles, and experiences through our lesson-related discussions and Facebook group.

We also host Thursday office hours in our Zoom meeting room. Participation is not required but it can definitely enrich your journey big time, as we have experienced the benefits and magic of a group of people coming together to exchange insights and experiences that way.

We no longer identify with types in our approach to Human Design. Types were only added in 1997 by Robert Alan Krakower (Ra Uru Hu), along with authority, profile, and crosses. We tend to believe that types are an aspect of the later Human Design that eventually became too generalized and mostly based on Krakower's personal findings, associations, and opinions, causing confusion and putting people in boxes instead of steering them to what's actually important and essential: re-connecting with your true nature (which can never be defined by an outer authority).

We stripped Human Design of all additional aspects and went back to the root, inspired by Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design teachings. Zeno was first-generation student and certified analyst, and was actually responsible for creating the first Human Design manuals, instructed by Ra Uru Hu. After years of research, study, and experimentation, she was able to present the original Human Design Revelation as a simple and practical system to help you becoming aware of how you're conditioned and how you are conditioning others, in order to improve your relationships and create more flow in your life.

If you know your birth details (date, time, and place), you can calculate your True Sidereal Human Design chart through this link. This chart will give you all the information you need to get started with this study group. Of course, you are also welcome to bring in other calculations to the study group as well.

Of course, you're welcome to bring in any calculation you like, whether that is Tropical, True Sidereal, or any other form of Sidereal Human Design. It's not about the calculations. It's about using Human Design as a tool to (self-)empower.

Well, that's a personal choice. Who am I to tell you what form of Human Design to practice?
But I have to warn you. Jovian Human Design is a huge mental rabbit hole with a dogmatic and rigid approach. And it's costly, too.

If you want to look into "mainstream" Human Design first, I can recommend looking into Jenna Zoe and Karen Curry Parker's work. You'll also find a variety of Human Design practitioners on Instagram. I mean, there's a vast amount of free information out there for you to explore.

But if you, on the other hand, feel like immediately starting with my simpler, more practical approach to Human Design, you're very much welcome. The study group really starts at the very beginning, the basics.

And even people who have studied with Jovian Archive or the International Human Design School, or any other Human Design program, will still have to start at the beginning because our approach is completely different. Most people coming from "mainstream" Human Design will be challenged to unlearn most of what they think they know about Human Design, to start over and completely re-define their practice of Human Design. This study group, therefore, is not for everyone.

If you want to get a different approach to Human Design, based on the original Revelation, than this is the place to be.
For me, Human Design is about being the observing participant in my own life, understanding my conditioning and how I condition others so that I can make aligned decisions to (self-) empower. It's not about "living my design," like in regular or Jovian Human Design.

This is not a place for you if you solely want to gather knowledge to tell yourself (and/or others) that you're "this" or "that". We don't generalize information, nor do we label people or put them in categories or boxes. We don't comply to the chart nor let the chart condition us. At least, that is the practice. You are the expert on you. No chart or outer authority can replace that.

Our goal is to help people read and understand their chart and other people's charts with a reasonable amount of study and contemplation, keeping it simple and practical, and always putting people before charts in an empowering and expansive way. The interactive part of this study group is, therefore, the most important aspect.

The experience is always different upon meeting the people in this study group, which makes it an enriching journey just by understanding how we relate to each other through this group.

Also, if your experiment was based on Tropical/Seasonal astrology, this could be an interesting challenge for you to now also look into True Sidereal or other astrological calculations. This, combined with our alternative approach to Human Design, creates a unique experience. And of course, if you don't like it, there's a 21-day refund policy you can make use of.

Zoom office hours are hosted every Thursday (except for holidays) at alternating times to cover as many time zones as possible.

One week, we'll start at 10 AM, Central European Time. This matches most African, Asian and Australian time zones.
The other week, we'll start at 7 PM, Central European Time. This matches most American time zones.
Occasionally, we also host a get-together in Zoom for Dutch-speaking members.

All Zoom office hours are recorded. If you can't attend gathering, you can still watch the replay afterward.

The office hours are hosted in my Zoom meeting room. It requires you to one-time download the free application to a device (desktop, tablet, or phone). We connect through video chat (through webcam, microphone, and speakers, ear pods, or headphones).

The office hours are also live-streamed into our private Facebook group for people who are unable to join the meeting room. Take into account that the live-stream in Facebook has a delay of approx. 30 seconds.

All gatherings are recorded. If you can't attend a meeting, you can still watch the replay afterward. Replays will be stored in our Replay Library and in the Facebook group Guides.

I'm currently located in the CE(S)T time zone (Central European Time or Central European Summer Time, Brussels).

The times of our events are shown in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). UTC is the same time shown as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can use a time zone converter to match it with your time zone: click here.

In the Facebook group, if you have set your time zone in your Facebook account, the events will show you the starting times in your time zone. I also add a list of the most common time zones in my reminder e-mails.

Totally fine! We have a 21-days refund policy. If you don't like the study group or you feel you're not in the right place, you can contact us and get a refund β€” no questions asked. All sales are final, though, after that 21-days period. 

Yes, we have a 21-days refund policy. If you don't like the study group or you feel you're not in the right place, you can contact us and get a refund β€” no questions asked. All sales are final, though, after that 21-days period. 

Sure! Add your business details and VAT number at check-out, or send me an e-mail with your business details (company name, address, VAT number), and I'll make sure you get a proper invoice for your books.

Do you have other questions?
Contact me.



"I was previously enrolled in the Projector Business Academy that I absolutely loved, so the most natural thing for me was to follow Daisy in her new project β€” the Human Design Flow study group. The study group gave me a whole new meaning to Human Design. It's much more integrative, it combines several approaches, it's a lot more empowering and it supports me to find the answers within.
I love the systematic and drip-feed approach. The student has the opportunity to really take time to process all the new information, the longevity of audio and video is great so you don't tire yourself, and Daisy has a natural ability for knowing how much information is too much information.
I would absolutely recommend the study group because of its main idea β€” Daisy made a whole new integrative concept of Human design, Gene Keys and True Sidereal Astrology, a concept that so much more empowering for anyone that is interested in discovering and living his/her own authentic self.  
Before everything, Daisy is an amazing human being. Secondly, she is also a coach so her approach to students has a real background. She is supportive in a way an honest friend would support you, holding your hand without telling you what to do so you can find the path yourself.  
The experience is worth (much) more than the asking price. I am truly amazed at the easiness Daisy integrated and delivered this new approach to the world. She made this complex matter sound much more understandable and lightly to process without losing the depth or value. She brought a more human and empowering approach to the world combined with her own coaching abilities. This for me is a real value β€” her comprehensive knowledge and the support to find and to be your true self."

Ivana Kraljić Šoban — @ivanakraljic



"The study group changed my attitude towards the role of the Human Design chart, from something that 'knows' me better, to a tool of awareness.  I love the order, going from the big picture into details, giving a sense of whole coming towards integration instead of staying or exaggerating the analytical process, which takes details apart.
 I recommend the study group because of the digestible step-by-step process, with assignments that can elevate the actual practice. Otherwise, just reading about it somewhere is mental. Secondly, because of the approach, which is very open to contemplation, none attached the tool itself.
I appreciate Daisy's dedication for making the group a safe and enriching place for being a free spirit learner, thoroughness in materials, and for bringing related subjects as well."

Zivit K.