Human Design Flow

— online program —

Do you want to take the Confusion and Complexity
out of Your Human Design Journey and go back to the Essence?
Do you want to come back in Flow with Life?

Human Design can be a HUGE rabbit hole, especially at the beginning.
So much of the Human Design System that is taught these days is missing the essence.
It is lacking a tangible foundation.
It is lacking simplicity and practicality.

As Human Design experimenters, we can get lost in the mental study without any practical applications.

What's missing is a direct heartfelt connection with LIFE itself, with the ESSENCE of our being.

We memorize, yet we don't experience.
We study, yet we don't embody.

With our own story and life as a teacher, we can bypass the confusion and the complexity of Human Design and instead, create a solid foundation for the mind to truly comprehend the essence of Human Design and how this journey can be profoundly transformative.

Curious how it all works?

If you're here reading this, you're probably seeking a different approach to Human Design.
Or perhaps you're new to Human Design and something drew you to this page.

Maybe you have been through a lot of experimentation with and studies of Human Design with no luck on how to truly bring what you've learned to life.

Maybe you feel something essential is missing or you got lost in the mental rabbit hole.
Or perhaps you felt like you couldn't breathe anymore because of all the limitation, labeling, and the dogma that was laid upon you.

You want to be able to work with Human Design in a simple, practical, and empowering way, a way that helps you to truly connect with Life in the deepest and most fulfilling way possible.

Most of us encounter Human Design through discovering our type and strategy, telling us how we should engage in life and describing our personality type.

If our curiosity is sparked, we might look deeper into the Human Design chart, realizing there's a huge rabbit hole with complex layers and levels underneath.

At this point, we might start googling different aspects, pick up on some of the books, attend webinars and workshops, scroll down Instagram feeds, and gather everything that we can find.

But that's where the confusion also comes into play as there are so many perspectives, opinions, layers, and arguments which tend to bring us further away from real understanding and practical applications. Most versions of Human Design out there are nothing more than belief systems filled with dogmatic analysis and levels of mental complexity that hardly anyone can embody.

What if I told you that Human Design can actually be very simple, practical, and straightforward?
That you don't need all that complexity and all those layers that were added to the system over time?
That you could just focus on the chart itself and work with the very essence?
That you could even very easily apply it to your work with clients or your team?

In most people's Human Design journeys, they unknowingly skip the essence, diving into the mental complexity and missing the living heartbeat of their very chart.

What is the essence of Human Design?
How do I access and interact with this essence in my daily life?

"I love your relaxed, warm and generous approach to sharing your wisdom and knowledge about Human Design."

Moira M.
New Zealand

It happened to me, too...

My journey with Human Design began in the beginning of 2019, shortly after the passing of my grandmother.

I discovered my birth chart and learned about my type and strategy, which felt like a relief after years of struggling with exhaustion and burn-out.

I started devouring everything I could find on the subject of Human Design. From books to classes, to Human Design get-togethers.  And the deeper I went with Human Design, the more this feeling began to grow that something was missing.

I struggled with the over-generalized explanations and the dogmatic views held by much of the Human Design community - the focus on reducing living humans to symbols and labels on a chart, fitting everyone into limiting descriptions because of what "Ra said," and people getting lost in the mental complexity of it all.

I grew tired of hearing people discuss which astrological calculation was best, why Ra Uru Hu (the founder) was right and others were not, how people would only understand Human Design after going through a 7-year deconditioning process first, etc.  

I started to get the feeling that everyone was just bickering and preaching without really seeing how much division and discord this created between people, how it disempowered people, and how people kept adding to the problem this world has, instead of being part of the solution. It just felt like another microcosm within the macrocosm, mirroring society mostly through unawareness.

And so I wanted to find another way...

"Human Design is quite complex, and you'll need some help in your journey.
Daisy has made her many lessons in small pieces so you can learn at your pace.
Her program helps everyone to share their experience at a personal level or in our business/work. We can then explore how things could have been done differently and how we could do in the future. Very useful and enriching."

Emma Medina-Castrejon

Human Design is all about Experiencing Life.

It's about Being, embracing your Essence, and being present in your own life.
It is not about thinking your way through life.
It is not about making life happen, nor about forcing your way through life.

In my book, Human Design stands for Simplicity, Healing, and Connecting with the Wisdom of our True Nature.
For me, Human Design is about reconnecting with the very Essence of who we are.

And that's when I found it...

It almost felt like magic, the way I was guided toward finding the answers to my many questions.

In early 2021, I discovered the groundbreaking work of Zeno Dickson, one of Ra Uru Hu's first students and certified Human Design analysts, who made the same observations and worked her way back to what she called "the original Revelation," how Human Design came into the world in January 1987.
And she didn't stop there: she stripped back the Human Design System to the bare essentials and taught people how to read the body graph without having to memorize keynotes and descriptions.

Later that same year, I also found ways of implementing the Spectrum of Consciousness, taught by Richard Rudd through his amazing Gene Keys, into the Human Design System, inspired by Werner and Laura Pitzal's Integral Human Design. This made it possible for me to move away from the dogmatic approach to Human Design into something profoundly open-minded, empowering, and uplifting.

And the seeds planted throughout integrating these wonderful teachings and discoveries would grow to become what is now Human Design Flow.

That's also why I created this Journey...

"Daisy has been so generous with her time and offerings, I cannot praise her enough."

Cheryl Hislop

The Human Design Flow Online Program

This one-of-a-kind program is world’s apart from your average Human Design course.
Through a guided journey you’ll learn the foundational aspects of your unique blueprint that holds the first stepping stone into embracing the whole of who you are.  

The HDF program is an initiation in building a simple, practical, and self-teaching approach to Human Design, learning to read a Human Design body graph with only the bare essentials to work with. It adds in the Spectrum of Consciousness to understand the expansive nature of consciousness, the ever-changing and fluid nature of life and all that is living, and how to integrate these elements into your own life as a human being.

You’ll gain a solid foundation to grow in any direction in your own Human Design practice, whether you’re just starting out, or are advanced. With the wisdom and knowledge gained through the integration of everything you learn in this program, your ability to recognize patterns and energies in the living world around you, your understanding of how you're conditioned and how you condition others, will become second nature to you. 

"Daisy shares honestly from her own experiences, and looks at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that she only wants what's best for her students. A person like her, I want to keep close to me."

Charlotte Boogaerts

Become a student of
Human Design Flow

This program isn't about cramping information into your head. Instead, you'll be given contemplative assignments that take you directly into the heart of your Human Design chart to help you further integrate the teachings.

And because this program is not founded on theory and memorizing information, it is challenging you to dive into contemplation and experiencing life first-hand, becoming an observing participant in your own life.

You'll form a relationship with different aspects of your being without getting lost in unimportant details or mental complexity. And then you'll move beyond the Human Design chart as well.

By the time you complete the program, you'll have had an entire reflective walk through the whole spectrum of possibilities that Human Design has to offer, solidifying the teachings not only in your mind but also in your heart.

Here's what you'll learn...

Module 1 — The Basics
✧ The Human Design Revelation
✧ Where and how to calculate charts
✧ What's on the chart
✧ The 0,1% of your humanness
✧ Language and the Spectrum of Consciousness
✧ Self-reflection & contemplation practices
✧ Recommended book list
✧ Glossary

Module 2 — Definition Type & Design Mode
✧ How to recognize Definition Type
✧ How to recognize Design Mode
✧ How to work with Definition Type
✧ How to work with Design Mode
✧ How Definition Type and Design Mode work together

Module 3 — The Nine Centers
✧ An overview of centers on the chart
✧ Adding the Spectrum of Consciousness
✧ Receptive vs. Focused
✧ The Throat center
✧ The Heart center
✧ The Ji center
✧ The Solar Plexus center
✧ The Sacral center
✧ The Spleen center
✧ The Root center
✧ The Head & Ajna center

Module 4 — Gates & Channels
✧ Why we don't memorize keynotes & descriptions
✧ Adding the Spectrum of Consciousness
✧ Exploring & contemplating gates
✧ Exploring & contemplating channels
✧ Streams of Consciousness 

Module 5 — Gestalt
✧ How to put it all together
✧ Steps to reading a body graph
✧ Honoring the personal story
✧ Adding in the Gene Keys hologenetic profile

Module 6 — Activation Archetypes
✧ Activations on the chart
✧ The Sun & Earth
✧ The Moon & Lunar Nodes
✧ Mercury, Venus & Mars
✧ Jupiter & Saturn
✧ Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
✧ Additional celestial bodies

Module 7 — Conditioning
✧ The nature of conditioning
✧ The deconditioning journey
✧ Creating a conditioning chart
✧ Shadow work

Module 8 — Transits & Cycles
✧ Working with transits
✧ Using an ephemeris
✧ Genetic Matrix Calendar
✧ Understanding patterns & cycles
✧ Reading returns & oppositions
✧ Tropical vs. (True) Sidereal in Human Design
✧ Exploring True Sidereal astrology

Module 9 — Relationships
✧ How we're conditioned and condition others
✧ Recognizing attraction fields
✧ Composite connectors
✧ Exploring family dynamics
✧ Inner parenting 

"What I appreciated about Daisy is how supportive and laid-back she is. And she’s very open and honest; it’s refreshing! So it’s no wonder she’s built an amazing community."

Gretchen Oris-Chong

Here's what you get

Human Design Flow Program
Laying out a simple and self-teaching approach to Human Design, inspired by the groundbreaking work of Zeno Dickson and Richard Rudd's spectrum of consciousness. Workbooks included.

Learn at your own pace
No deadline to complete the program. You can also go back to the content as often as you like.

Lifetime access to the program
Once you're a member of the program you will always be able to return to use it as a resource.

Discussion Boards & Community
Every lesson has its own discussion board to ask questions and join the conversation. There's also a community on the site to connect with others.

Monthly Q&A Zoom calls & replays
Monthly Zoom conversations to meet each other in real-time and contemplate our journeys together. We alternate times every month to cover as many time zones possible. Replays included.

FREE upgrades to new/updated content
Over time, new content will be added and older content will be updated. I'm constantly refining the content as I'm growing and evolving as a person, too.

FREE access to all live events and future courses
Whenever I host a live event like an online class or workshop, with or without guest speakers, or create new courses, you'll get access for free.

Bonus package worth €370 for FREE 
This package will be added as a free bonus on top of the program.

Here's what you'll gain

An unshakable and grounded foundation and understanding of Human Design.

A simple, practical, and self-teaching approach to Human Design with real-life integration and implementation.

A deeper sense of wonder and connection with life, the cosmos, and your inner world.

Human Design as a language to discover potent wisdom for the rest of your life.

The ability to use a Human Design chart for clear insights, self-teaching, and healing.

The key to building healthier relationships with others as you'll understand how you relate to others and the world more.

A deeper understanding of human nature, human behavior, how we're conditioned, and condition others, and how to work with that.

The ability to teach and share Human Design with others where it will make sense to them.

The ability to read other people's charts and empower and support them on their journeys.

A universal wisdom that weaves together your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

A community of like-hearted people and new friends who encourage, support, and challenge you along your journey.

And much, much more...

A whole new integrative concept of
Human Design and Gene Keys


"This online program gave me a whole new meaning to Human Design. It's much more integrative, it combines several approaches, it's a lot more empowering and it supports me to find the answers within.

The student has the opportunity to really take time to process all the new information, the longevity of audio and video is great so you don't tire yourself, and Daisy has a natural ability for knowing how much information is too much information.

I would absolutely recommend this online program because of its main idea — Daisy made a whole new integrative concept of Human Design and Gene Keys, a concept that is so much more empowering for anyone that is interested in discovering and living his/her own authentic self.  

Before everything, Daisy is an amazing human being. Secondly, she is also a coach so her approach to students has a real background. She is supportive in a way an honest friend would support you, holding your hand without telling you what to do so you can find the path yourself.  

I am truly amazed at the easiness Daisy integrated and delivered this new approach to the world. She made this complex matter sound much more understandable and lightly to process without losing the depth or value. She brought a more human and empowering approach to the world combined with her own coaching abilities. This for me is a real value — her comprehensive knowledge and the support to find and to be your true self."

Ivana Kraljić Šoban

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  • Free access to all live events and future courses
  • Bonus package worth €370 for FREE

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  • Bonus package worth €370 for FREE

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  • Learn at your own pace
  • Discussion boards and community
  • Monthly Zoom calls* & replays
  • Free upgrades to new/updated content
  • Free access to all live events and future courses
  • Bonus package worth €370 for FREE

(*) The monthly Zoom calls are hosted at two alternating times:
⇢ Thursday at 10 AM, Central European Time (matches most African, Asian & Australian time zones)
⇢ Thursday at 7:30 PM, Central European Time (matches most American time zones)

30-Days Money Back Guarantee 

  Enroll today and try Human Design Flow for 30 days.
If it doesn't feel like a good fit for you, just let us know within the 30-day window and you’ll get a full refund.

Enroll today and you'll also get these bonuses

In addition to the online program, you'll also receive the bonuses mentioned below, which are worth €370 — almost the price of the program itself.

Hexagram Contemplation Database

A database filled with personal contemplations on the 64 hexagrams, Human Design gates, and Gene Keys, with journal prompts to support you in your own contemplation process.
This database is updated regularly.

Value: €295

Resources Library

Recommended book list on various Human Design and related subjects, software and apps, additional videos, audios, and replays of past guest speaker classes.
This resources library is updated regularly.

Value: €75

"Daisy is so knowledgeable about Human Design; she helps it make sense and gives you practical advice and tools to use. As a member, I really enjoy the courses I can do on my own, but even better are her community gatherings and other live get-togethers that always lead to interesting, deep conversations."

Renee Flanagan

Daisy Deb

Founder of Human Design Flow

My full name is Daisy De Boevere but because non-Dutch speakers have difficulties pronouncing and remembering my name, I shortened it to Daisy Deb 😉
I live in rural West Flanders, nearby the medieval city of Bruges and the Belgian coast, with my husband Kevin and our three fur babies, Max, Reba, and Muffin.

I'm a Human Design practitioner since the beginning of 2019. I'm also a certified life coach and Gene Keys guide. Human nature and behavior has always fascinated me tremendously. If I didn't attend music conservatory at age 18, I'd probably chosen psychology as a major instead. But back then, music was my passion ever since my mother taught me my first tune on the piano. At this time, I'm not active as a professional musician anymore but I do sometimes play at home, just for fun.

Ever since I started my own business, back in 2005, I always worked 1:1 with clients, first as a Reiki therapist, and not long after, as a vocal coach and voice therapist. In 2017, I started working as a virtual assistant and business coach. I re-invented myself many times for I have many interests and passions. When I discovered Human Design, I immediately knew I wanted to integrate it in my life coaching work with clients. In 2021, I also became a certified Gene Keys guide.

But having hexagram 18 in my Personality Sun, Correcting the Corruption, and expressing the Gift of Integrity, I started seeing how Human Design, as it was taught by most people, didn't really lead to the results people expected from this system. I was guided towards solutions through other people's groundbreaking and innovative work. Through my own drive to dive as deep as I needed to to come up with alternative approaches, grounded by my Gift of Far-sightedness, I created Human Design Flow. 
This online program is the result of this ongoing process and experiment.

"Thank you so much for your generosity with your time and coaching to help with my questions. I really appreciate your thoughtful replies. You've given me so many great avenues to explore and prompts to dive into - thank you! I'm glad to be part of your community."

Melissa R.

A safe and enriching place for being a free-spirit learner


"The online program changed my attitude towards the role of the Human Design chart, from something that 'knows' me better, to a tool of awareness. I love the order, going from the big picture into details, giving a sense of whole coming towards integration instead of staying or exaggerating the analytical process, which takes details apart.

 I recommend the program because of the digestible step-by-step process, with assignments that can elevate the actual practice. Otherwise, just reading about it somewhere is mental. Secondly, because of the approach, which is very open to contemplation, none attached the tool itself.

I appreciate Daisy's dedication for making the group a safe and enriching place for being a free-spirit learner, thoroughness in materials, and for bringing related subjects as well."

Zivit K.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an evergreen program. You can start anytime you like.
After enrolling, you'll get immediate access to the program to work through at your own pace.
Over time, new content will be added and older content will be updated. I'm constantly refining the content as I'm growing and evolving as a person, too.

The program content exists mostly of video presentations with voice-overs, subtitles, and transcriptions. We also have lessons with audio only and their transcriptions, or simply in writing. Most modules also have interactive PDF workbooks with journal prompts to get practical and to support you in integrating what you learn.

I aim to create subtitles for all videos, and transcripts for all audios, so that this program is inclusive toward people who struggle with hearing or sight. Note that the Zoom meetings are not subtitled. I try to make sure that the replays are subtitled within reasonable time (2 to 3 weeks), but it sometimes takes a bit more time because of the magnitude of this task. Thank you for your patience.

You can work through the content at your own pace. You decide how much time you spend on working through the modules and courses. You have lifetime access, so you can always revisit the courses' lessons.

On average, going through the content in a detailed and focused manner will take up at least a few months, especially if you want to integrate what you learn. Of course, you can go over the theory in a matter of days but that's not really what this program is about. Without the practice and the integration, it will be impossible to understand the true nature and purpose of this program.

If you apply and experience these teachings, life will certify you 😉
But no, there is no certificate offered from the Human Design Flow online program at this time.

In this approach, we focus on the essence, on simplicity, and integration. We don't memorize keynotes and descriptions, and we're not diving into the mental complexity and multiple layers "regular" Human Design has to offer. This program tends to break free from the dogma, the instant-gratification culture, and the limitation of putting people in easy-to-digest boxes.

This program is an initiation in BEING and experiencing life first-hand through what you learn and the practices that are presented throughout this program. This program tends to spark the joy of practicing Human Design from the heart rather than the mind.

Group and 1:1 guidance through monthly Zoom meetings, a community page, and a comment section below each lesson.

It depends.
I'm positive that you can work perfectly with the information and content provided within the program but we do recommend you working with Richard Rudd's Gene Keys and/or 64 Ways books, and maybe an I Ching translation as well so that you can contemplate the original texts instead of using mine. This can be important to have the full spectrum of possibilities at your disposal as well as finding your unique language.

This program allows you to start from the very beginning, going through one step at a time. You don't need any prior knowledge of Human Design to participate.

And even more so, I would highly recommend beginning Human Design practitioners to start with this program first before diving into the traditional or other forms of Human Design, as this program lays out the bare essentials and a solid foundation most Human Design practitioners from other approaches don't even get to see or experience.

Type and strategy are not part of this approach to Human Design as these elements are too generalized. These elements were also not a part of the original Revelation, how Human Design was taught in the beginning, but only added later (as of 1997).

Elements like type, strategy, and authority tend to create a fragmented experience where one loses touch with the whole being that speaks to you. As the chart only speaks to 0,1% of our humanness, defining oneself through a certain type and authority is often also experienced as very limiting and thus not helpful or empowering at all.

You can calculate your Human Design chart for free through several sources. These are my personal favorites:
Human Design App 
Transparent Matrix

There's only one chart possible as the I Ching hexagram wheel is not linked to the zodiac wheel but part of the crystal sheath of the Earth's atmosphere, fixed to the Four Corners and the 16 Godheads. It's a misconception that alternative astrological calculations come up with different Human Design charts, as astrology and the zodiac are not part of Human Design, other than calculating the positions of the planets relative to the hexagram wheel (which does not include the zodiac). I made a podcast episode on this subject: click here to listen.

Zoom meetings are hosted once a month on a Thursday at alternating times to cover as many time zones as possible. This gives members an opportunity to join at least every other month.

One month, we'll start at 10 AM, Central European Time. This also matches most African, Asian and Australian time zones.
The other month, we'll start at 7:30 PM, Central European Time. This also matches most American time zones.

Upcoming meetings:
✧ Thursday, October 14, at 10 AM, CEST
✧ Thursday, November 19, at 7:30 PM, CEST
✧ Thursday, December 16, at 10 AM, CEST

If you can't attend a meeting, you can still watch the replay afterward. Replays will be stored in our Replay Library. You can also watch replays of past meetings.

The monthly calls are hosted in my Zoom meeting room. It requires you to one-time download the free application to a device (desktop, tablet, or phone). We connect through video chat (through webcam, microphone, and speakers, ear pods, or headphones).

You'll be reminded of upcoming meetings via e-mail 1 week, 1 day, and 1 hour in advance, providing you with the correct Zoom link to join. We aim to upload replays within 48 hours after the meeting.

I'm currently located in the Central European Time zone:
✧ Central European Time (CET): from the end of October until the end of March (Wintertime), UTC/GMT +1
✧ Central European Summer Time (CEST): from the end of March until the end of October (Summertime), UTC/GMT +2

You can use a time zone converter to match it with your time zone: click here

Yes, I have a 30-days refund policy. If you don't like the program or you feel you're not in the right place, you can contact me and get a refund — no questions asked. All sales are final after that 30-days trial period. 

Sure! Add your business details and VAT number at check-out, or send me an e-mail with your business details (company name, address, VAT number), and I'll make sure you get a proper invoice for your books.

Do you have other questions?
Contact me.