Too Simple To Be True

“It’s so simple, so it can’t be true.”That is what I get a lot about Zeno’s approach. And I’m sure she would’ve said: “Then you’re [...]

“It’s so simple, so it can’t be true.”

That is what I get a lot about Zeno’s approach.
And I’m sure she would’ve said: “Then you’re not paying attention.”

We’re conditioned to buy into this story that something needs to be complex and extensive for it to be true.

The mind wants to keep busy so that it wouldn’t have to do the work. Therefore, we invent all these kinds of complex structures to keep ourselves distracted, creating a false sense of “doing the work.”

Zeno’s approach is not complex nor extensive, so for people who are looking for the next mental trip or distraction: you will be disappointed.

Zeno taught us how to do shadow work before it was trendy, even before Richard Rudd came out with his Gene Keys Shadows.

Her work runs very deep, and people who had a recent reading from me, know that (not the gates/channels readings that I repeated in True Sidereal for you — those were still from my “old” approach mostly).

People think that by knowing their definition type and design mode and understand what it means, that the work is done. Oh no, the work has only begun. And I didn’t mention centers yet.

You see, a system like Human Design isn’t meant to be mental food or keeping your mind busy. The gold is actually in the silence, those tiny little moments in which your mind is finally quiet and ready to listen to a deeper wisdom.

You don’t need color, tone, and base for that.
Heck, you don’t even need Human Design for that.
And yet, people practicing Human Design don’t seem to get it. They just ask for more. 

And that’s exactly what they asked RA.
And the difference is: RA delivered. He needed the money. He needed to keep people busy. And over time, he bought into it as well, and he took great pride in the complexity he was able to present.

“There’s got to be more to it, right? This can’t be it?”

Oh yes, it can. This is it.
It’s just a matter of when are you finally ready to deal with it? To pay attention? To deeply listen?

It’s like when you compare a piano virtuoso to someone who plays something really simple but heartfelt. Who do you think will get the loudest applause?

If you weren’t sure, the virtuoso always gets the loudest applause.

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