The "Danger" of Type, Strategy, and Authority

Posted On Sep 15, 2021 |

In the past nine months, when I have been working with Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design, which doesn't involve type, strategy, and authority...

... but goes back to the original Revelation from 1987, as taught by Ra from 1992 to 1997, I've encountered a lot of people who were enthusiastic and excited about this original and more simple approach to Human Design.

But in the same breath, they would talk about Zeno's approach Γ‘nd type, strategy, and authority. And it would drive me mad.

You cannot say you "honor" or "use" Zeno Dickson's approach and use type, strategy, and authority simultaneously. It just doesn't match. It completely compromises the whole philosophy of the Human Design Revelation.

So, time and time again, I have to conclude that people mostly don't understand what Zeno's approach is all about. They hear something about Definition Type and Design Mode, and they think they know what they're talking about. But there's so much more to it than knowing your Definition Type and Design Mode (hence why I recorded the podcast episode on Gestalt).

I wonder if people will ever let go of type, strategy, and authority. 
My take on Human Design gets me into conflict and arguments sometimes πŸ™ˆ 
I guess my Personality Sun in gate 18 often struggles to accept people settling for less (β‡  my Personality Earth in gate 17 opinion 🀣). I raised that bar a while ago, and I can't go back to where it was before...

Yes, it is easier to communicate with others because everyone knows their type, strategy, and authority. 
Yes, type, strategy, and authority allow you to stay on the more comfortable surface of Human Design so that you can talk about it for years without actually getting to know the truth of who you are (very handy if you want to avoid your shadows).
Yes, in some cases, it can even be a means to make money as more and more business coaches jump on this material to give you the next best tips and tricks to align your business with your type.

I understand.
Why would you let go of these aspects if they're easier to digest, work with, and communicate with, right? Why would you let go if it draws some decent money onto your bank account?

But for me, Human Design is not about type, strategy, and authority.
On the contrary, type, strategy, and authority is what got me stuck in the first place, back in the fall of 2020 when I was still running my "Projector Academy."

Human Design is "the science of differentiation."
Type, strategy, and authority are the opposite of differentiation.
So, how is that helping other than soothing your panicking mind into finding a false sense of belonging, security, and permission to be a certain type of being?

What about being your unique self instead?
What about supporting others in being their unique selves, too?

Type, strategy, and authority stand in the way of embracing uniqueness. 
It may give you the idea that you're unique because you might be a Projector (22% of the population), a Manifestor (8% of the population), or a Reflector (1,5% of the population) even. Yay, if you're a Reflector, you're definitely "unique."

But let me tell you something: that kind of "uniqueness" isn't nearly unique. What is unique is that you, as a "Reflector," have a No Definition chart to Wait with unique gate activations and no centers defined. That you, as a "Manifestor," might have a simple-split Definition to Do with an aspect to Wait that asks for a concrete "bridge" that ends up being your biggest conditioning gate. 

And even that is just scratching the surface.

Also, as Werner Pitzal from Integral Human Design would say: "The chart only speaks to 0,1% of our humanness. The other 99,9% is receptive."

I love that.
THAT says a lot about your uniqueness.
Type does not.
Strategy does not.
And Authority even becomes very problematic as you will learn how to ignore most parts of your body's intuition and guidance.

These aspects are the "homogenization" of the Human Design System. And you probably know that Ra really hated homogenization. He hated that people would comply with the homogenized world. He called it the Not-Self World.
What a contradiction he created!

Think about it.
Personally, I would not call type, strategy, or authority "not-self Human Design," but I would call it "Human Design Lite," to say the least. 

It's not really Human Design; it's more like when you buy a "lite version" of an application where you only get minimal access, but to know what the application really can do, you would have to upgrade πŸ˜† 

You get a little "taste" of what's possible, tricked into the marketing of it all because there's just enough information to get your attention, but not enough to get an understanding of its true power. And yet, most people (including Ra, Jovian, the IHDS, and BG5) act like it's THE essence.

It's like reading your horoscope in a tabloid and thinking that that is you, that you touched on the essence of who you are, believing that who you are is "a Virgo." But you can hardly call magazine horoscopes "astrology," just like you can't really call type-strategy-authority "Human Design."

It's purely "entertainment that sells."
If Human Design would be as mainstream as astrology, it would show up in tabloid magazines just the same way as horoscopes, I guess.
And Jovian, the IHDS, and BG5 definitely earn millions of dollars every year because of the "lite" version.

But of course, letting go of type, strategy, and authority can be scary because you immediately start challenging the status quo. This means that people could exclude, ridicule, or reject you. This means you could jeopardize the business that you've built on those aspects as I did in 2019 and 2020.

I get it. It takes courage.
It took me two years to understand why type-strategy-authority didn't work.
Also, Human Design isn't for everyone β€” that I discovered. Maybe the "lite" version is, as Karen Curry Parker used to call it "Human Design for Everyone," lol. I mean, who isn't curious when encountering the horoscope pages in a magazine?

But that isn't the Human Design I want to be part of.
And sharing that "different" journey with you is what my work is all about πŸ™‚ Thanks for being here πŸ’—


Wanna learn a different approach to Human Design, without type, strategy, and authority?
Click here for info β‡’

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