Let's talk about the Lunar Nodes

Let's talk about the Lunar Nodes... I recently went to an interesting True Sidereal astrology class on the Nodes, hosted by Michael Hartigan [...]

Let's talk about the Lunar Nodes...

I recently went to an interesting True Sidereal astrology class on the Nodes, hosted by Michael Hartigan from One Sky Astrology. He's like a living and walking astrology encyclopedia 😂

The Nodes are always opposite to each other. When you engage with one, you're always also engaging with the other. And after listening to Michael explaining his vision on the Nodes, I have to say: our interpretation of the Nodes in Human Design is waaaayyy too superficial and simplistic. 

But first... what are the Lunar Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes
The Lunar Nodes relative to the Earth

The Nodes aren't actual bodies in space. They're mathematical points where the moon comes down the path of the sun (☋) and where the moon goes up the path of the sun (☊). In some traditions, they're seen as "shadow planets."

The Karmic Journey
The Karmic Journey

In ancient wisdom, the North Node represents the head and the South Node the tail of the Immortal Dragon, aka the movement of the soul through lifetimes or the karmic journey.

The South Node represents our past and how we come into this life karmically, like some kind of karmic credit we start with, our intuitive strengths to bring to fruition in this lifetime. The North Node is our future, our life goal, the quest, task, mission, or purpose we're here to accomplish.

Balancing the Lunar Nodes
Balancing the Lunar Nodes

The challenge with the Node lies in connecting them, balancing them because they always work together, even when we're not aware of it. We need to bridge them, using our innate skills (☋) to accomplish what we're here for (☊).

But when not balanced, the North Node truly can become an obsession, reflecting desires that take one away from spiritual freedom. It's not that we need to move away from the South Node either, because although it can feel like it's pulling the rug from under us from time to time, the South Node is actually here to align us with our path to freedom.

The way I see it that we actually need to integrate the South Node to accomplish our mission. In Human Design, it's said that the South Node speaks to the first half of our life (up to 38 to 42 years of age), and we need to move away from those themes in the second half. I don't believe that's true because you're denying an essential part of yourself when you do that, which leads to imbalance.

Planetary Rulers
The qualities of the Nodes manifest through the Planetary Rulers

It's also fascinating to know that because the Nodes aren't actually bodies — they don't have mass — their qualities manifest through the planetary ruler of the signs they're in. E.g., if your South Node is in Aries, it'll manifest through Mars, wherever Mars is in your natal chart. In this example, the North Node will be in Libra, so its qualities manifest through Venus, wherever Venus is in your natal chart.

And in most cases, one or both Nodes will be conjunct another planet (or multiple planets) in your natal chart, which can kinda distort the energy because the conjunct planet(s) will eclipse the Node. You'll probably only find clarity on how that Node influences you when those planets move away from the Node.

Fascinating stuff, right?

I always tend to go back to the synthesis' modalities rather than just going with what Human Design says. There's so much wisdom to find in those thousands of years of traditions and ancient knowledge 💗

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