From Seven to Three through the Nine

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I recently heard Richard Rudd speaking about the future of humankind in dialogue with Kim Gould.

He painted a picture of the new human and what that would mean for our Human Design body graph. I'm starting with a quote:

"When you evolve in consciousness, you don't go to more centers. You go to less centers. You become more efficient, more effective, more simple, more pure. And actually what happens is the seven moving to the three through the nine."

I was immediately drawn to what he was saying, and it happened quite late in the conversation, but he got my instant attention, and I felt a deep resonance with what he painted as a picture.

The three awareness centers (Ajna, Solar Plexus, Spleen) become one. Root and Sacral, two motor centers, become one with the Throat (creativity, anyone?). And the centers for direction become one: Ji, Heart, and Head (identity/love, community, divine inspiration).

As you can see, I colored the centers in a way that they form three groups. Nine is triple three, Richard Rudd states. 

We're not evolving into 11-centered beings as Ra predicted (maybe that is the prediction for a lower consciousness reality), but into a trinary instead of the current binary. Nine centers becoming three with the Monopole in the middle. And when that happens, we don't need the body graph anymore.

And the moment Richard said that, I immediately saw this visual appearing in my mind's eye:

This is a Triquetra with a circle (the symbol for the Christian trinity and the Celtic trinity knot). This symbol already existed 3000 years ago in India. It's also related to Buddhist Japan and many other ancient and less ancient traditions.

Everything is interconnected and evolving into a three-centered being, more simple, pure, effective, efficient, and waking up from the illusion of separateness into the truth of oneness. According to Richard Rudd, this is the final stage, and we're now in the stage before that.

This sounds completely different from what Ra Uru Hu told us in the Rave Cosmology (aka "The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu"), which I have been diving into once again recently. It's obvious that Richard and Ra are/were operating on different levels of consciousness.

A lot of what I read in Ra's Cosmology is fear-based, with a touch of black occultism, if you will. It is tough to read through that material as you feel you're being pulled down into a darker story of what's possible for humanity. On the other hand, Richard is way more optimistic and hopeful and paints a picture of moving through darkness into the light, integrating our Shadows, bringing our out Gifts, and raising our collective vibration to Siddhi level (which is also called "Essence").

What will it be?
Of course, no one knows for sure.
Although, we probably do know deep down inside, if we're able to bypass our mind and our ego for a minute.

And it also comes with a choice: what do you wish for humanity? And how are you going to help create that? (This is actually a question Kim Gould asked during that dialogue with Richard.)

Ra believed there is no choice.
Today, I read that Ra even used the words: "There is no free will."
On the other hand, Richard and Kim talk about free will all the time. Yes, we cannot control life, but we can choose how to be in this life. We have way more power than we think we have.

According to Kim Gould, this is a time (2027 and onward as a new era is beginning) to reclaim our power instead of giving it away to feel safe in our communities. This is a time to step outside of the tribal mindset and create something new that involves embracing and using our power instead of giving it away.

We can learn to feel safe outside of the community.
As an era of individuality emerges, it's not about egoism; it's about coming home to ourselves, our True Selves, and expressing from there. The time of tribal authority is coming to an end. "Coming together" and "being together" will come to a whole new meaning.

And of course, being on the verge of a new era, transformation often comes through experiencing trauma, because of being challenged by life, like we see happening now, as the collective shocks seem to accelerate. It pushed us forward; it drives us forward. It catalyzes change as we are all challenged to face our Shadows, and that change pushes us into a new awareness.

I don't know about you, but I can feel it in my bones.
I feel it in my cells, lol, if that is even possible.

The only question is: will there be enough of us making an empowering choice for the future of humankind? 
It all begins with our relationship with ourselves (often reflected back at us through our relationships with others.)

It almost feels like a "do or die," as if the whole planet is preparing for the next stage... Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride 😃

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