䷭ 46 — Pushing Upward

Posted On Aug 26, 2021 |

We all f*ck up. All of us. And yet, we tend to take things too seriously.

When do we allow people not to be friendly to us?
I mean, we're all not lovely from time to time, and yet, we take other people's not-being-nice-to-us very seriously.

And if you don't love yourself enough, you'll take your own not-being-nice-to-others very seriously as well.

Still, it happens.
We're not nice all the time.
People are not friendly all the time.

So, if we know this, we could approach it with a little less seriousness. It's not that we stop trying to be nice. It's just that we acknowledge that being nice doesn't work all the time. 

Approaching life with more delight could be something like not being nice and owning that, and be gentle with ourselves (and others). But it could also be about finding the humor in the situation. 

There's this saying: "What goes around comes around."
Our acts, thoughts, and words have an impact that returns to us.
If we all knew this, we wouldn't be so serious. 

Delight can be found in everything, really.
Do you remember the movie "La Vita è Bella" ("Life Is Beautiful") by Roberto Benigni? What a great example of finding delight during horrific times!

It's not that we laugh with the Holocaust.
The Holocaust is a serious thing. But imagine what that boy's life would be like if his father took everything seriously and showed him the heaviness of it all. It would've been a completely different movie! And I doubt that the boy would've survived his ordeal.

And yes, the father dies.
Life's drama is unavoidable.
Yet, he lived his life a certain way that most people would've considered highly challenging. But the boy lived on seeing the delight in everything, and that was his rescue. 

Of course, this is an extreme example.
Fortunately, most of us in the West don't have to go through an ordeal like that. So, what is stopping us from finding delight in even the most minor, most mundane things?

It all beings with embracing life's drama and owning our Shadows to find the Gift within, right? As long as we're taking everything so seriously, it is hard to find delight. If we look at things negatively, it's impossible to raise our vibration to the frequency of delight. But once we do work with our Shadows, an opening is created for us to find delight. And then, nothing is stopping us anymore.

Some journal prompts to help you contemplate this hexagram/Gene Key:

  • According to the I Ching, inner development leads to the fulfillment of one's life. Do you remember when you first started to work on yourself consciously? How has this journey of inner development been so far?
  • Every time we free ourselves from a mistaken belief, we are lifted up by the Cosmic Helpers. When you attach to the ego, on the other hand, you're left to battle through your difficulties on your own. What does this mean to you? Do you find examples of this in your own life?
  • "Cosmic success is achieved through inner action that is directed at bringing oneself into harmony with the Cosmic Way," Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog write. What does this mean to you?
  • Self-examination leads to exposing the ego's tricks and manipulations. Often, we're tricked by our ego not to examine our inner world. Do you remember an experience in which you were tricked by your ego that way?
  • Have you played today?
  • In which areas in your life do you tend to take life too seriously? Where do you still tend to get caught up in the drama?
  • How can you move out of seriousness?
  • "A system should be loose for it to be truly transformational," Richard Rudd writes, referring to how serious we often take systems and, therefore, get locked into them. What does this mean to you?
  • Do you love your body?
  • Have you recently consciously approached something with a beginner's mind? If not, is there something coming up for you in which you could experiment with this?
  • How much are you in touch with your own sensuality? Not in a sexual way but related to taking in life through your body and senses?
  • What does (spiritual, though also human) Ecstasy mean to you? How does that look like?

Tip: Listen to the audio contemplation on the 46th Gene Key by Richard Rudd ⇢

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