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Daisy Deb | Jul 31, 2021

When you don't align with the Cosmic Whole, life will put obstructions on your path.

Daisy Deb | Jul 31, 2021

This hexagram reminds us that everything we need is already at our disposal, whether it came with us at birth or given to us throughout our ...

Daisy Deb | Jul 30, 2021

This Shadow prevents me from hearing the simplest of truths. It creates an inability to hear what's going on inside me.

Daisy Deb | Jul 30, 2021

The first two hexagrams of the I Ching represent two sides of the Cosmic Whole.

Daisy Deb | Jul 21, 2021

Be still as a mountain. I love this hexagram. It contains two Mountain trigrams. Double Mountain.

Daisy Deb | Jul 14, 2021

Type and strategy have become the most popular aspects of Human Design. The mind loves the comfort of the labels and the boxes.

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