Daisy Deb | Sep 15, 2021

In the past nine months, when I have been working with Zeno Dickson's Zen Human Design, which doesn't involve type, strategy, and ...

Daisy Deb | Sep 15, 2021

Ra Uru Hu added type, strategy, and authority to Human Design to create a level that simple that even "dummies" would understand.

Daisy Deb | Sep 07, 2021

Most people, when they dive into and explore Human Design, get lost in the details.

Daisy Deb | Sep 01, 2021

I recently heard Richard Rudd speaking about the future of humankind in dialogue with Kim Gould.

Daisy Deb | Aug 27, 2021

Accepting life as it is. The moment we don't accept how things are, we are already moving away from our true nature.

Daisy Deb | Aug 26, 2021

We all f*ck up. All of us. And yet, we tend to take things too seriously.

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