Hi, I'm Daisy Deb 👋🏻

There is something magical about life when you stop forcing, pushing, and hustling your way through life.

As a kid, I knew this.  I experienced a lot of serendipity and synchronicity until I learned that I needed to "make life happen."
"Making life happen" resulted in an overwhelmed nervous system by age 21. For the next ten years, I lost so much confidence in myself and in life that I developed an anxiety disorder.  

At the beginning of 2014, I hit rock bottom and decided to put myself first for a change. It didn't take long for the serendipity and synchronicity to come back into my life due to trusting myself and life more.  

Practicing patience, acceptance, and surrendering led me to discover Human Design in the most magical way. 

Shortly after the passing of my beloved grandmother, at the beginning of 2019, someone mentioned Human Design.
It didn't really spark my curiosity until Human Design came back into my awareness multiple times. Eventually, it was hard to ignore.  

For two years, I worked with my Tropical Human Design chart. I was completely oblivious to the existence of other calculations.
I studied Human Design full-time with various mentors, courses, books, and my own research, and I started doing readings for others as of May 2019.

But something didn't really "click."
I also had a tough time processing and integrating the teachings of the founder, Robert Alan Krakower (aka Ra Uru Hu). I noticed that, even though some of my clients and I really dove deep, it didn't really spark the significant transformations people were talking about. Instead, I felt like I got stuck more and more in a dogmatic belief system. And I wasn't the only one.

Somewhere in late 2020, I came upon a book called "Outrageous Openness" by Tosha Silver.
It led me to offer my concerns and worries to the Universe.  

Not long after, somewhere around the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020, I experienced one epiphany after the other, with periods of deep confusion in-between. Eventually, it led me to discover Athen Chimenti's True Sidereal astrology and the groundbreaking work of Zeno Dickson, a first-generation Human Design student and analyst.

Through discovering Zeno's teachings on the original Human Design Revelation, it felt like coming home in a Human Design practice that is truly simple, practical, and self-coaching. Thanks to Zeno's work, I was able to completely transform my approach to Human Design and to fully decondition from the dogmatic Jovian Human Design.

I also met Richard Mason, who was coding a True Sidereal Human Design calculator at that time.
When I then first laid eyes on my True Sidereal Human Design chart, my mind panicked and freaked out. I suddenly found myself in an identity crisis, being so attached to my Tropical chart for so long, now seeing a completely different chart.

After the initial shock, something did start to "click" within my body, even though my mind couldn't make sense of it (yet).
Over the following weeks and months, more and more "clicks" happened as my body seemed to recognize the new chart. The process felt more effortless like I was not the one "doing it." It happened on a deeper, body-and-soul level.

After all, Tropical astrology doesn't reflect the actual astronomical positions of the starts in the sky. Thanks to modern technology, we can finally learn where the planets actually were on the day you were born.

Human Design can be simple and practical.
At this time, it is my mission to bring a unique self-coaching practice of True Sidereal Human Design into the world.
I've been writing about and teaching this version of Human Design,  which I call Human Design Flow, to people from all over the world.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey,

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"Thank you so much for your generosity with your time, writing, and coaching to help with my questions! I really appreciate your thoughtful reply, and the newsletters are great, too! You've given me so many great avenues to explore and prompts to dive into - thank you! I don't often imagine how I want to feel instead of how I've been feeling, so I'm particularly excited to try practicing that. Thanks again, Daisy, and I'm glad to be part of your community!"

Melissa R.

"You have been so generous with your time and offerings, I cannot praise you enough."

Cheryl Hyslop

"You share honestly from your own experiences, and look at the situation with great understanding. I’m 100% sure that you only want what's best for your clients. A person like you, I want to keep close to me."

Charlotte Boogaerts — @livverityofficial