Daisy De Boevere

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Writer. Reader. Researcher. Learner.


Married to Kevin. Raising four fur babies: Max, Reba, Loki & Thor.
Born in Belgium, and living in the countryside of West Flanders, nearby the medieval city of Bruges and the Belgian coast.

Tea lover. Nature lover. Book addict. Taking daily walks to ground myself and contemplate. Introvert with extroverted aspects.

Simple-split to Wait with Integrity, Far-sightedness, Dynamism, and Perseverance as my Prime Gifts.
Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Leo Rising.

But hey, let's look beyond the labels, shall we?

A Bit About Me

I re-invented myself multiple times in my life. I started out by studying classical music and coached singers from all corners of the music world for more than 12 years. Then I turned virtual assistant after people pointed out my talent for online tech and tools. Shortly after, I also started counseling other business owners through my experience as an entrepreneur.

But honestly, my focus was always on my own journey.
Growing up in a family with deep-rooted ancestral wounds always steered me toward connecting and aligning with my True Self. I struggled a lot, though. I didn't learn any skills in setting boundaries, standing in my self-worth, and making firm decisions. Instead, I always bounced back and forth between people-pleasing to survive and challenging the status quo by allowing myself to be more... me.  

It took me an anxiety disorder and years of nervous-system overwhelm + the aftermath of that to understand that embracing my True Self and showing up authentically takes a lot of courage. Pushing that pause button to reflect on life takes courage. Sitting with the discomfort of uncovering limiting beliefs and protective mechanisms takes courage. The moment you decide to show up as you, you already challenge the status quo. Not many people are willing to go there.  

But the pull from my True Self has always been strong. No matter what I went through, no matter how confused or lost I sometimes felt, I always ended up where I needed to be, to learn valuable lessons and embrace and express more of my True Self.  

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that all answers we seek lie within.
And that's precisely how I love to contribute to the world by sharing my personal journey, inspiring you to slow down the pace, turn inward, and be amazed by what life offers you at any given moment.

This resulted in my rebellious and unique view on Human Design, always challenging the status quo, always tuned into all possibilities instead of the black-and-white version. Through teaching Human Design and guiding with Human Design, I hope to support you on your journey to embracing your True Self.

Thank you for being part of this journey,


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A selection from my educational journey so far...

• Practical Psychology certification — Sorag Akademie

• Psycho- and Behavioral Therapy certification — Sorag Akademie
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — Sorag Akademie
• Body-oriented Psychotherapy — Sorag Akademie


• B-School — Marie Forleo International

• The Copy Cure — Marie Forleo International

• Life Coaching certification — Civas

• Living Your Design — Jakub Střítezský (Human Design America)

• Various courses — Karen Curry Parker
• Various courses — Jenna Zoe

• Ending the Inner War — Jeff Foster

• The Foundations of Human Design — Devon Martin

• Discovering the Inner Mother — Bethany Webster
• Inner Alchemy Circle — Xavier Dagba

• Various lectures — Jovian Archive
• Trauma Coaching — Sorag Akademie

• Consciousness Mapping — Dr. Jessie Klein & Nick Zei
• The Activation Sequence — Gene Keys Publishing
• The Venus Sequence — Gene Keys Publishing
• The Art of Contemplation — Gene Keys Publishing
• The Guides Programme certification — Gene Keys Publishing
• Celestial Alchemist Masterclass — Isaac Rodriguez
• True Sidereal Astrology — Athen Chimenti (Mastering the Zodiac)

• Various courses — Kim Gould (Love Your Design)
• Various courses — Zeno Dickson (Zen Human Design)

• Various courses & lectures — Alokanand Diaz (Your Own Authority)
• The School of Living Astrology — Tyler Penor (The Chironium)
• Living Your Design — John Cole & Amy Lee (The Human Design Collective)
• Virtual Pearl Retreat — Gene Keys Publishing