My journey so far...

Hi, I'm Daisy Deb 👋🏻

Full name: Daisy De Boevere
Born October 2, 1979, at 3:15 am, in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Writer. Reader. Learner. Teacher.
Certified Life Coach and Gene Keys Guide, Human Design Guide.

Married to Kevin. Raising three fur babies: Max, Reba & Muffin.
Born in Belgium, and living in the countryside of West Flanders, nearby the medieval city of Bruges and the Belgian coast.

Tea lover. Nature lover. Addicted to books (check out my online BE/NL bookstore). Taking daily walks to ground and contemplate. Introvert with extroverted aspects. INFJ. HSP.

Simple-split to Wait with the Gift of Integrity, Far-sightedness, Dynamism, and Perseverance in my Sun and Earth gates.
Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and on the cusp of Leo and Virgo Rising. A stellium in Libra and one in Virgo.

But hey, let's look beyond the labels, shall we?

My journey so far...

There is something magical about life when you stop forcing, pushing, and hustling your way through life.
When you start paying attention to the clues life offers you at any given moment...

I re-invented myself multiple times in my life. I started out by studying classical music and coached singers from all corners of the music world for more than 12 years. Then I turned virtual assistant after people pointed out my talent for online tech and tools. Shortly after, I also started counseling other business owners through my experience as an entrepreneur.

But honestly, my focus was always on my own journey.
Growing up in a family with deep-rooted ancestral wounds always steered me toward connecting and aligning with my True Self. I struggled a lot, though. I didn't learn any skills in setting boundaries, standing in my self-worth, and making firm decisions. Instead, I always bounced back and forth between people-pleasing to survive and challenging the status quo by allowing myself to be more... me.  

It took me an anxiety disorder and years of nervous-system overwhelm + the aftermath of that to understand that embracing my True Self and showing up authentically takes a lot of courage. Pushing that pause button to reflect on life takes courage. Sitting with the discomfort of uncovering limiting beliefs and protective mechanisms takes courage. The moment you decide to show up as you, you already challenge the status quo. Not many people are willing to go there.  

But the pull from my True Self has always been strong. No matter what I went through, no matter how confused or lost I sometimes felt, I always ended up where I needed to be, to learn valuable lessons and embrace and express more of my True Self.  

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that all answers we seek lie within.
And that's precisely how I love to contribute to the world by sharing my personal journey, inspiring you to slow down the pace, turn inward, and be amazed by what life offers you at any given moment.

This resulted in my rebellious and unique view on Human Design, always challenging the status quo, always tuned into all possibilities instead of the black-and-white version.
That's what I'm here to share with you through this website.

Thank you for being part of this journey,

Sources of inspiration

My work didn't just come by itself. It was inspired by the groundbreaking work of several others.
Here are my main sources of inspiration:

  • Ra Uru Hu — of course, even though I don't agree with the nature of his teachings, the dogma, the generalizations, the labels, and language, he still is the one who brought us the Human Design System, and for that, I'll be forever grateful to him. But also, now that I'm aware of the possible impact of his teachings, it brought me the challenge of finding my own language and interpretation that is more empowering, more expansive. So in a way, he still inspires me. 
  • Zeno Dickson — being one of Ra's first students and certified HD analysts, Zeno's work is truly groundbreaking for the Human Design community, I believe. Through her work, I was able to understand the issues with Jovian Human Design and how that impacted me. She gave me a different view on Human Design, one that is simple, straightforward, self-teaching, and (self-)empowering. I truly want to make sure that her work is known with more people.
  • Richard Rudd — adding the spectrum of consciousness to my Human Design experiment makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having a more open-minded and compassionate approach rather than a rigid and dogmatic one. The Gene Keys are truly a blessing, as are the sequences that further deepen the experience of the hexagrams. But above all: the art of contemplation. I'm proud to be a certified Gene Keys Guide since 2021 — forever grateful for that ongoing journey.
  • Werner & Laura Pitzal — through their work on Integral Human Design, Werner and Laura further helped me understand how to integrate the spectrum of consciousness into every aspect of Human Design. They're truly the bridge between Richard Rudd's Gene Keys and the empowerment of Ra's Human Design System. My practice and understanding of Human Design was raised to a new level thanks to their teachings and I'm eager to learn more as they're currently developing their integral approach even further.
  • Carol K. Anthony & Hanna Moog — their groundbreaking work on interpreting the I Ching in an empowering, expansive way is truly inspiring after going through translation after translation still radiating the fuedal and patriarchal mind. Through their work, it's a joy and a delight to work with the I Ching in understanding the 64 hexagrams and their lines. It is also a blessing to have a more feminine approach to the I Ching.
  • Xavier Dagba — shadow worker and life coach, inspiring me every day to embrace the whole of who I am, that there is nothing to be afraid of when facing my shadows but also, if there is fear, that it is natural and a great teacher. 
  • Tsultrim Allione — she opened my eyes to a different approach when it comes to facing your demons: by feeding them. Instead of denying them, running away from them, or fighting them, feeding my demons made all the difference in the world. And although it takes courage, it is truly and deeply transformational. Feeing my demons is a huge part of embracing the shadow to unlock the gift (as Richard Rudd would say it) within. With Tsultrim's method, it is about finding your allies within your demons as they're here for a reason.

Stay tuned!

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