Human Design Flow

by Daisy Deb

Embracing your True Self in a challenging world

Embody the full potential of what it means to be human

All humans are part of nature, children of the Cosmos.
And therefore, when we're leaving our mother's womb, we are born with a unique imprint.
This imprint stays with us for the rest of our lives.

Every single day, though, we are influenced by all kinds of outside forces.
This we call "conditioning."
So, over the years, we forget about our imprint and mostly live lives that aren't meant for us.

Through a practice of Human Design and Gene Keys, we get a unique map that helps us reconnect with the truth of who are, that challenges us to understand how we're conditioned and how we're conditioning others, and to learn how to embody our full potential as a human being.

And this is where I come in ๐Ÿ˜Š

I have found a practice of Human Design that is both simple and empowering.
Because, when you google Human Design, you'll come across a lot of mental complexity, a system full of boxes and labels, and a dogmatic, suffocating approach.

Forget about labels and the dogma.
I can teach you how to work with your unique imprint, learning to read your imprint starting right now using a practice of awareness and a healthy dose of commonsense, restoring and strengthening your connection with your inner guidance.

Because, that is what Human Design is about: a signpost to help you reconnect with yourself, or as one of my mentors, Zeno Dickson would have said:

"You are the expert on You."

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