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Discover your Unique Blueprint

All humans are part of nature, children of the Cosmos.
And therefore, when we're leaving our mother's womb, we are born with a unique imprint.
This imprint stays with us for the rest of our lives.


Every single day, though, we are influenced by all kinds of outside forces.
This we call "conditioning."

So, over the years, we forget about our imprint and mostly live lives that aren't meant for us.


Through a practice of Human Design and Gene Keys, we get a unique map that helps us reconnect with the truth of who are, that challenges us to understand how we're conditioned and how we're conditioning others, and to learn how to embody our full potential as a human being.


I love sharing my unique experience and approach to Human Design and the Gene Keys.
My work is all about helping people build a strong foundation and a clear understanding of Human Design before diving deeper. I teach "early" (pre-1997) Human Design based on simplicity, contemplation, and practicality. Through the Gene Keys, I integrate the Spectrum of Consciousness, a 3-dimensional view on your unique hologenetic make-up.

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